Rabu, 18 Januari 2012

Shattered Memories

Inside of the darkness, I called your name
over and over again
Inside of the light, I saw my memories
They're still too far off for me, filthy as I am
Inside of the endless time, there's no one
there but you

I know who's touching the depths of my closed eyes

Until I lose everything
I was being drown in silence
If it had been my former self, my face
Its painful
I don't know your reason
but, even with this pain
I always remembers the kindness
You held me when I was alone in the dark
I won't forget that

I lock myself up, unable to breath
I can't do anything but pray...
But still my sadness is not cured
I tore off a single memory
It float in the air and I remember you
For some reason, it made me sad

My pain that no one else can take it away
No one will be able erase that sadness

The sadness and the pain, to the world that
doesn't need anything
From the gently crying sky, I also heard
your voice
I laughed through gathering tears, but I
couldn't see anything...

Even the soundless smile is happy right
I can't return to that time ever again
When we were laughing
I lost myself
As I lost you

Like struggling, suffering prey
My precious soul is taken away from me
I drown and disappear
Cold, inside of these dark

I embrace the torn rose to my chest
My burned heart is bound in chains
Even if I'm trembling all alone in the night...
I'll be waiting
Even I can't see you like you were that day

No matter how far apart we may become...
I'll be waiting
Just you... that always by my side
My dear love... and I'll always by your side

Selasa, 17 Januari 2012


have their dark side
wanting to be found
to be find

you and I
both of us children of dark

you, with your dark wing
flying to nowhere in the sky
clapping against night

me, with my loner world
howling to the moon
running against wind

you and I
walking in the shadow
longing for the light yet scared
scared if that light will betray us when sun goes down and gone
once again
dark will embrace us tightly

are we do not deserve for that light?

still, i am waiting for that light
hiding somewhere over the cloud
requeim solace howl to the moon

you will come and i'll see you showering with the moonlight
to be found
and find
even in the darkness
that light still live inside us

until that time
the wolf will keeps calling
to the silent moon