Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Oase Yang Tak Pernah Ada

Oase itu telah mengering
Tertinggalkan oleh kematian yang memekat
Kehidupanpun berhenti mengalir
Tersekat oleh bilur pilu harapan yang usai
Menorehkan sgala asa yang terdampar

Dapatkah kau lihat itu?

Mungkin itu hanya sbuah fatamorgana 
Atau hanyalah permainan roda takdir
Yang mengusang tak pernah nyata
Akan tetapi setitik embun itu telah merangsang hati yang beku
menggeliat tumbuh berusaha untuk hidup

Hei,,, apakah aku tidak boleh mempercayainya?


Oase itu tidak pernah ada
Itu hanyalah sekumpulan bayangan pasir kematian
tanpa perasaan
dan kemudian ditinggalkan

Burung-burung kematian mengoceh tanpa henti
Dengan kepakan sayapnya menampar diri yang terpanggang matahari
Menggoreskan jejak kebodohan yang tercipta
Dan tak mencari

Oase itu tidak pernah ada

Hanyalah siluet bayangan ilusi
Dari pengharapan tak ternanti
Yang sirna dalam kesia-siaan belaka

Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

The Door

Open my door that's been shut for so long
Use the key that I've give to you
Even it takes all year around falling in love with you
But I'm getting attracted to you a little miraculously
Fascinated in a slightly mysterious way

Come, and meet me inside that door
You’ll find the real of me imprisoned
Don’t be afraid with dark of mine
Cause your gently light is enough to clear it
That cloud has surrounding me all of this time
My heart will shine forevermore

But only love isn't enough.
It is a destiny that we have meet each other
Are you feeling the same way?
Are you choosing the path?
Are you sharing the faith?

Destroy my shell in the inferno
Break my mirror in this darkness
And then give me your hands to reaching me
Spread my wings high and gather the wind
If I'm with you I can go anywhere
We around the world to searching for the light


Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

Silent Dance

Let me dance for a while
a silent dance
Alone with you inside my mind
You grab my hands so gently
slowly you swing my body and my heart
More closer to feel your heartbeat

With your lost words
We kill the time that has been separated us apart
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your smile
Behind this dark cloud of mind
I know you're all I've ever wanted

Ah,,, my dark wings
Swing me once again with your rhythm of life
Move me like the wind
Drown me like the sea
I feel my heart will overflow
And tell you time and time again how much I care

When you covered my heart with your love
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that isn’t real
This dance will gonna stop soon
This smile that disappears after goodbye
Saying that lost words to me

Kill me or revive me
after this silent dance is over
When the sunlight has arisen
Maybe I'll see you in other night my love
Or maybe this is our last dance
I'll seal up these feelings inside my heart

In this silent dance
Slowly to let your shadow fading
And I'm falling to my eternal sleep
Just to waiting for our next dance