Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

The Door

Open my door that's been shut for so long
Use the key that I've give to you
Even it takes all year around falling in love with you
But I'm getting attracted to you a little miraculously
Fascinated in a slightly mysterious way

Come, and meet me inside that door
You’ll find the real of me imprisoned
Don’t be afraid with dark of mine
Cause your gently light is enough to clear it
That cloud has surrounding me all of this time
My heart will shine forevermore

But only love isn't enough.
It is a destiny that we have meet each other
Are you feeling the same way?
Are you choosing the path?
Are you sharing the faith?

Destroy my shell in the inferno
Break my mirror in this darkness
And then give me your hands to reaching me
Spread my wings high and gather the wind
If I'm with you I can go anywhere
We around the world to searching for the light


6 komentar:

  1. uhuk, ohok, ad yg poll in lup, kekeke >:) *evil grins*

    it's a lttl bit scary whtvr hppns whn someone's trying 2 break that door, hohoho. Is the key is one-good-for-evrything, a skeleton key?

  2. Pertamax gan..ahak!
    Wew, lagi produktif bikin puisi mba?
    Btw, again, is it about ur hope to find the hoped?;) After the darkness, there will be light for sure.

  3. @Raxen:Hoohh,, well, kalo ada yg maksa break the door tanpa kuncinya, then I will drag him to the death hohohohohoh

    @Lady: BINGO!!!! tepat sekali *wink wink wink*

  4. ah, always remind me not to passing by :O

  5. @Raxen: Mia remind-nya ma jam weker aja yuaaaaa,,,,

  6. i am trying looking where the door of his heart, but the door was gone back in the dark of night


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