Jumat, 03 Januari 2014

Blackmoon Rising

On nights when the wind blows
Sail through the ocean chasing the clouds
The light of the moon is fading
In the rain that obscures the vision
The dying memory is just like the sound of the rainwater
Capture my heart, refuse to leave

In my tears, you emerge in my mind
Submerge in the memories
Pale as the mountain cold as the shore
Tried reminiscing, alone imagining
I follow the tortuous path
Back to the time when the light of moon still shining upon us
Look back at our memories together
The look of you and me at the time

Until the dark cloud raging the sea
When the black moon refuse the light
You're disappear in the shadow
Leaving the traits of pain
In shading fades of gray
All the colours of the world
Are slowly gone away

My echoes searching for you in the cape of storm
Hope my voice can reach the light once again
My foolish trust just gets bigger
Just to find is torn a part
This heart that is only filled with silent tears
A cold darkness is falling
The memory became blackened ash

Soon the night will take over me
The end of all waiting
I'm sinking ever deeper into the dark sea
And softly, close my eyes
To the chamber
Of eternal sleep

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