Senin, 06 Januari 2014

Gentle Hands

Seizing with these gentle hands
With shining memories engraved in my heart
I think of that dear person.
The voice that’s no longer there

The ship crossing the raging seas
Seeks a far away land with all its hope
Of this long journey
I hear the voice of the wind
I’ll be going soon too
Colors fly past my eyes
Fading as they pass
The memories flowing throughout my body
In order to eliminate them all from my head

These feelings will never reach you
Since they are carried only with my sorrows

Even if I close my eyes
That is the place I can’t return to

Where should I go to rid myself of this solitary misery
Going around and around, left behind in that moment
It's a long night until the break of dawn
In order to find
Those gentle hands once again

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